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Mark Sargent
New classic advertising for twenty-seventeen, Böcklinstreet 52, 80638 Munich, Germany
I help with the design of business projects. Phone: +49 (0)89 20924594 → Letter to me

“That’s branding”

Long-Tail Marketing


Welcome now to my credentials site.

My background is international advertising. I am a creative director and brand strategist enjoying a good life in advertising. A hybrid veteran with close to 15 years of experience in each, classic advertising and digital marketing. Set on and trained to lead your brands through the decade.


  1. A young illustrator replaces her paintbrush toolbox with a reliable Parker Jotter
  2. The illustrator makes a name for herself with each doodle telling a great story
  3. At the height of her career, the illustrator approaches Parker’s marketing unit and has them buy in on a testimonial campaign
  4. That’s branding

Should I ever be asked to name my achievements in advertising, I would likely offer the following three accomplishments for your kind consideration. Three testimonials of which I can humbly assume, that they were of help to many. All three have stood and are still standing the test of time: