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➁ How to put Munich on the radar of the German new wave movement

legendary Munich Punk Sampler

A Munich punk sampler, we (myself, Lilo Kern, Alfred Steinau) initiated and produced in 1981 with the help of many, put the city of Munich on the radar of the ongoing German New Wave music movement [NDW]. It was sold out four days after it had become available on the market and again a week later.

Munich: Changing tires made easy“, as to what the compilation’s title translates, featured 34 Munich bands and gave them exposure on national TV, radio and the press.

The work, including a leaflet, was exhibited at the Haus der Kunst in the 1999 summer exhibition, ‘Made in Munich’.

Today a google search for its title returns 18,700 results.
You can find it on Wikipedia. It is also being sold as cd.
Someone is selling the original editon on eBay as rare collector’s item. Starting bids at €95.

30 years later, the determination for collective action is being heralded as a technology supported marketing methodology. Learn more about early adoption of crowdsourcing, social media pioneering in a third and final testimony of a life changing experience: