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Mark Sargent
New classic advertising for twenty-seventeen, Böcklinstreet 52, 80638 Munich, Germany
I help with the design of business projects. Phone: +49 (0)89 20924594 → Letter to me

Game changer chart

abandoned advertising

           new advertising

creative brief business requirements
ideas for advertising advertise ideas
creative darling business partner
monologue dialogue
explicit implicit¹
anticipated participated²
presentation participation³
absence of invention ideas that do⁴
lack of solidarity with consumer social
[keep it simple, stupid]
the consumer is an inherently knowledge driven biest
a websites is an image:
static, momentary, temporary
a blog must be a reflection to be successful⁵:
dynamic, continuous, participatory
disconnected connected

¹Jessica Schmidt, mediaman. ²Alastair Duncan, participation marketing. ³Jenny Williams, Ideagarden,
⁴Gareth Kay, Goodby, Silverstein and Partners. ⁵Tom Mahon, English Cut


Contrast sharpens perception

The above chart helps us advertising practitioners clarify what was and what it is in today’s marketing and communication. Advertising has lost its way. Integrated communication offers a passage to restore trust in our industry.

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