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Mark Sargent
New classic advertising for twenty-fifteen

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“That’s branding”

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    Welcome now to my credentials site.

    My background is international advertising. I am a creative director and brand strategist enjoying a good life in advertising. A hybrid veteran with close to 15 years of experience in each, classic advertising and digital marketing. Set on and trained to lead your brands through the decade.

    1. A young illustrator replaces her paintbrush toolbox with a reliable Parker Jotter
    2. The illustrator makes a name for herself with each doodle telling a great story
    3. At the height of her career, the illustrator approaches Parker’s marketing unit and has them buy in on a testimonial campaign
    4. That’s branding

    Should I ever be asked to name my achievements in advertising, I would likely offer the following three accomplishments for your kind consideration. Three testimonials of which I can humbly assume, that they were of help to many. All three have stood and are still standing the test of time:

➀ How to get a new business model to work in New York City



    Bob Crozier [pictured] called the opening night of the convention, cheering into the phone:

    “Mark, you got to see this, the ladies are all over me!”

    The ad, placed in the program brochures of the trade conventions in 1986, had the lady registrars of galleries, museums and collectors, do exactly what the headline

    suggested, they got a hold of Bob Crozier, happy to have someone to talk to at a location away from home. Entrepreneur Bob Crozier introduced a new business model to Manhattan’s art community, one which has proven successful ever since.

    Open Crozier Fine Arts credentials in a new window.



➁ How to put Munich on the radar of the German new wave movement



    legendary Munich Punk Sampler

    A Munich punk sampler, I initiated and produced in 1981 with the help of many, put the city of Munich on the radar of the ongoing German New Wave music movement [NDW]. It was sold out four days after it had become available on the market and again a week later.

    Munich: Changing tires made easy“, as to what the compilation’s title translates, featured 34 Munich bands and gave them exposure on national TV, radio and the press.

    The work, including a leaflet, was exhibited at the Haus der Kunst in the 1999 summer exhibition, ‘Made in Munich’.

    Today a google search for its
    title returns 18,700 results
    You can find it on Wikipedia. It is also being sold as cd.

    Someone is selling the original editon on eBay as rare collector’s item. Starting bids at €95.

    30 years later, the determination for collective action is being heralded as a technology supported marketing methodology. Learn more about early adoption of crowdsourcing, social media pioneering in a third and final testimony of a life changing experience:

    made in munich


➂ How to let Angela Merkel’s digital footprints do the walking

  • during the federal elections in 2005. 9 years later, is a beacon of a responsive one pager, featuring parallax scrolling and a no nonsense web experience across devices.

    Statesmanlike reason, closeness and unpretentious authenticity in a decidedly small, unobtrusive browser window countered to the online presence of former Chancellor, Gerhard Schröder.

    Rich with flash effects the former chancellorʼs web presence demanded the userʼs entire workspace with its posh panorama screen.

    “Not to produce herself, is how she produces herself” explains Merkel’s biographer, Gerd Langguth., continuously featuring podcasts, accompanied Germanyʼs first female Chancellor through her successful 2005 campaign and into the favorably mannered broad acceptance that Mrs. Merkel enjoys today.

    Today chancelor Angela Merkel can count on by far the most internet supporters of all German politicians. 79.700 registered supporters in social networks, according to research done by the hightech-federation BITKOM.. The social network for campaign supporters powered by chanclor lady’s party [CDU] has 19.700 registered users [31. August 2009]. You can find it here: „team Deutschland

Game changer chart

  • abandoned advertising

               new advertising

    creative brief business requirements
    ideas for advertising advertise ideas
    creative darling business partner
    monologue dialogue
    explicit implicit¹
    anticipated participated²
    presentation participation³
    absence of invention ideas that do⁴
    lack of solidarity with consumer social
    [keep it simple, stupid]
    the consumer is an inherently knowledge driven biest
    a websites is an image:
    static, momentary, temporary
    a blog must be a reflection to be successful⁵:
    dynamic, continuous, participatory
    disconnected connected

    ¹Jessica Schmidt, mediaman. ²Alastair Duncan, participation marketing. ³Jenny Williams, Ideagarden,
    ⁴Gareth Kay, Goodby, Silverstein and Partners. ⁵Tom Mahon, English Cut


    Contrast sharpens perception

    The above chart helps us advertising practitioners clarify what was and what it is in today’s marketing and communication. Advertising has lost its way. Integrated communication offers a passage to restore trust in our industry.

    The next menu item offers a preview of my most current blog entries and provides best practice samples.

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    Will your agency’s thought leadership suffer, or live up to its promise when some of my thinking enters the reasons to believe in your agency?

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    Group Creative Director
    MRM Worldwide, Zentropy Partners, Zentropy
    Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin

    Creative Director

    Creative Director
    Media Circus
    New York

    Art Director
    Grey E-Marketing
    New York

    Freelance Art Director
    Messner Vetere Berger McNamee Schmetterer Euro RSCG
    New York

    Senior Interactive Designer
    New York

    Senior Art Director
    Publicis, Foote Cone Belding

    Senior Art Director
    Ogilvy & Mather Direct

    Blocherer School Munich
    Munich American Highschool
    Gymnasium Starnberg

    AWARDS…standard of excellence, 2000 web awards…standard of excellence, 2000 web awards,…creative excellence, international webpage awards 1999,…certificates of creative achievement, international webpage awards 1999 panic vomit cope run website…pub32, society of publication designers, new york, 1996
    best european artwork…bdg, bund deutscher grafiker, berlin, 1979-1981
    celestino piatti award…dtv deutscher taschenbuch verlag, munich, 1983